David Stewart’s Last Munro

September 18th 2021

Should David have met a girl who did knitting as a hobby where would he be today? David enjoyed running when he met Yvonne in 2008 so the idea of bagging Munros sounded like a fun pastime. Love being a funny thing, he happily accompanied Yvonne as she worked through her tick list and completed the Munro’s in 2016, by this time David was halfway through his own tick list and had caught the bagging bug. 
 Over the years of bagging there have been many adventures, a few ordeals not to mention wet miserable days that make you question ‘What am I doing this for?’ These days have been more than compensated for by the good days and fun adventures which are always enhanced by a pint in the pub afterwards!

David’s last Munro celebration was planned for September 2020, then April 2021 but rather than defy covid restrictions or the alternative of doing it with just the wife, David being a patient man decided the wait would be worth it so that all his hill walking friends plus family could have a good knees-up.
The Altguish was booked for 2 nights for 16 folk + 2 in their van and on Saturday 18th September and the group assembled at the lay-by near Ben Wyvis (the car park was already full at 10 am). 

The day started off cloudy & uninspiring but everyone was in great spirits despite the midges! Ben Wyvis or Glas Leathad Mor (translation either Awesome Hill or Hill of Terror!) has such a good path making the climb bearable for those not so hill fit & easy for the rest. Everyone made it to the summit at 3432ft or 1046m in time for lunch.

The walking pole arch of honour was completed followed by Whisky, Prosecco, shortbread, oh and lunch!

It has now become a Gryffe tradition to do the Conga around the cairn and they were joined by several other walkers who were out for a quiet day, in watching the comradery!

The weather brightened on the way down the hill giving some lovely views of the North coast.
On returning to the Altguish there were a few hours of relaxing (some with a pint in hand) before our lovely meal. Followed by the ceremonial cutting of the Boot Cake & another extremely short speech from the quiet man in which David thanked everyone for joining in the fun & said, “In the words of that famous fatalist  Mr I N Evitable ‘That’s That Then”!

David was asked by many on the day what his next hill ambitions are but he is keeping that one close to his chest, he is certainly going to choose better weather days and enjoy climbing for a long time to come.

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